Founded in 2011 with the aim of promoting high-quality and culturally relevant movies, MESCALITO FILM is today one of the most reliable and professional independent film production and distribution companies in Italy.

It was born from the idea of its founder and sole administrator Giorgio Beltrame. He is a former lawyer of the Court of Rome with many years of specialization in the development, financing and production of national and international film products.

MESCALITO FILM has a strong and excellent legal and administrative preparation in the management of the film company, international co-production, and avails itself of a dynamic and professional team able to propose solutions for every type of project. We also offer  highly qualified executive production services to Italian and foreign producers.

Giorgio Beltrame

Tireless, ingenious, dreamer. The captain of the team and founder of MESCALITO FILM. He’s interested  in all facets of the cinema. He recently started doing distribution with excellent results.

Now, thanks to a qualified team, he continues to pursue and reach his dream: to make quality cinema because “there is no form of art such as cinema to strike the conscience, shake emotions and reach (the) secret rooms of the soul (cit.)“.

Francesco Notarangelo

Responsible for distribution. He’s a vinyl  collector who is  passionate about music and cinema. After his experience in TV, radio, festival and film distribution as head of communication, events and promotion, he started talking to all the operators in Italy.

Although his identity and role have changed,  his goal has not: make quality cinema known. MESCALITO FILM is a new challenge for him; a new adventure to confront in small steps like a turtle.

Immediate as a punk song and strong as a rock song, if you need something, if you want to organize a projection, ask him.