By Dina Khreino

With Tommy Caldwell, Lynn Hill, Reinhold Messner, Steph Davis, Emily Harrington, Hilaree Nelson, Leo Houlding, Erik Weihenmayer, Maureen Beck, Pasang Lhamu Akita, Pemba Gyalje Sherpa, Lai Chi Wai, Angelica Rainer, Adam Ondra

United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong | 2019 | 97'

A time capsule of 20 of the world’s greatest mountaineers and climbers, for the first time thread together to create an inspirational and moving story.

In the face of shifting winds, sheer cliffs, and impossible odds, they climb. Each for their own reason, but every one connected by the vertical world. In this rarefied air, these athletes are changed, not just as climbers, but as human beings. For three years, Dina Khreino listened to what compels them to risk everything for a fleeting glimpse into the unknown. Dina Khreino’s focus is on stories that transcend border, race, and class. Her mixed cultural background gave her unique access to understand people and highlight narratives which would otherwise be marginalized. Not a climber herself, Dina was drawn to the people of the mountain because of their iron will, and their a universal respect for life paired with uncommon bravery when confronting the unknown.

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