By Guillermo García López

With José Pepe Mujica

Spain | 2016 | 82'

The world is going through a deep social transformation, but, where are this changes heading to? Where is humanity heading to? There are too many contradictions on the global stage and it is needed to build sustainable relationships between ourselves and the world at large, starting with our day to day life. From the small structures we can change the larger ones.

Shot in Uruguay, Japan, Spain, Morocco, Mexico, Hong Kong, the United States, Qatar, the United Kingdom and Chile, Frágil Equilibrio takes a look at urgent issues that are crucial to the contemporary men: immigration, economical crisis, evictions, consumerism but also survival, alienation, identity, freedom, solitude, love and death.

Three stories in three different continents intertwined in Frágil Equilibrio: two Japanese executives in Tokyo whose lives are in the vicious cycle of working in corporations and consumerism, a sub Saharan community in the Gurugú Mount, near the Melilla border between Africa and Europe risk their lives every day trying to cross over to the First World; and families in Spain that are destroyed by the economical downturn, the real estate speculation, political corruption and being evicted of their homes as a result.

These stories are articulated through the words of José Mujica, former president of Uruguay, who throughout the documentary addresses universal issues that threaten humanity, questioning some of the foundations of the world in which we live.

It is a story rooted in the present but looking into the future; meditation on the path that humanity is taking in its habits, uses and way of relating to the world. It is a journey through different cultures, places and societies; an invitation to change, from the particular to the general.

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