By Kim Ki-duk

With Abylai Maratov, Zhanel Sergazina

Estonia, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan | 2022 | 81'
Eta6 Sesso Violenza

A girl meets a writer and a mutual attraction arises between them. He hides a past of stormy relationships, which she asks him to break up at all costs. Over time, the love between the two becomes obsession and a desire for mutual overpowering. It turns into a tormented and destructive relationship between love and hate, sex and perversion, possessiveness an self-destruction. But perhaps it is only a premonitory dream, guided by a mysterious and omniscient voice.

Call of God is the late master Kim Ki-duk’s Film who died in 2020 in Latvia. Beloved by critics, he wrote and directed many masterpieces in his career. From his debut with Crocodile to Pietà, with which he won the Golden Lion in Venice, from 3-Iron to Samaritan Girl.

What is life? What is youth? What is old age? All humans grow old and eventually die. The closer to death, the more humans miss and reminisce about their youth. I miss my youth in my twenties. However, because I made many mistakes in my youth, if I could go back in time, I really would like to do well. But life never comes back. Kim Ki-duk

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