Le energie invisibili (2017)
Le energie invisibili (2017)

Le energie invisibili (2017)

By Luca Contieri

With Mimmo Lanzafame, Silvano Musitelli, Abramo Putelli, Danilo Parisi, La mitica Lucia, Alberto Castillo, Jenni de Giglio, Alberto Conte, Massimiliano Moccia, Paul Lucas

Italy | 2017 | 58'

Luca and Mimmo make a journey on foot from Milan to Rome, discovering what is in the daily frenzy, but can’t be seen. On the Via Francigena, an ancient pilgrimage route, they encounter others who, each in its own way, seek a sense beyond the senses.

The film is in the first-person, a story of a journey on foot made by the Duomo of Milan to St. Peter’s Rome following the Via Francigena. Luca, behind the video camera and Mimmo, in front of the video camera, explore the world of pilgrimage and they become pilgrims themselves. They find on their path several other people who, each in their own way, tell the reason for such an adventure. Each encounter was not planned and everything that happened was dictated by chance. Outside comes a mosaic of motivations and emotions that reach their climax in reaching the final goal.

The film recounts the experience of the journey from the pilgrim’s point of view in a symbolic journey from the Duomo of Milan to St. Peter’s Rome. The motivation lies in recovering one’s time in a world that demands one to go ever faster. If it only takes three hours from Milan to Rome by train today, why not do the opposite, that is to say, take as much time as possible?
The two main characters are Luca, who is behind the camcorder and Mimmo, who is in front of the camcorder. They venture first on the Naviglio Pavese and once arrived in Pavia, they continue to Rome along the Via Francigena, an ancient pilgrimage road that for first ventured by Bishop Sigeric, who left from Canterbury to Rome a thousand years ago.
Following in the footsteps of Sigeric and the millions of other pilgrims who have followed him through the centuries, Luca and Mimmo begin their journey without other companions but soon they know other walkers. Some of them appear and disappear soon, others meet several times and others join them for several days.
Each pilgrim is asked to bear witness to the motivation and emotions they feel on the long journey. Some do so for a religious cause, others for adventure or simple curiosity, but all of them, though different from each other, share the same experience.
The result is that every pilgrim is in search of something that certainly exists, but cannot be seen: the invisible energies.
For this reason, Luca and Mimmo try to understand what they are and discover that in reality they are clearly visible to a more present eye. Everything that happens, meetings and speeches, nothing has been planned, everything has been produced by chance, or, as one of the main characters Alberto Peregrino por la Paz would say, everything has been dictated by providence.

In addition to pilgrims, the other main character of the documentary is the Via Francigena

It is the ancient Way that in the Middle Ages linked Canterbury to Rome and the ports of Puglia, today rediscovered by modern wayfarers. The Italian route starts from the Gran San Bernardo and winds for over a thousand kilometers through the most beautiful places in Italy, including Lucca, San Gimignano and Siena. A heritage to be preserved and reserved, unique in its beauty. Since 2001, the European Association of the Vie Francigene has been coordinating the development and enhancement of an itinerary that crosses Italy and Europe, retracing the history of our continent.

Associazione Europea Vie Francigene, Legambiente, Touring Club Italiano, Federtrek, Movimento Lento, Camminando sulla Via Francigena, Associazione Toscana Vie Francigene and Sloways.

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