By Alejandro Jodorowsky

With Alejandro Jodorowsky

France | 2019 | 100'

Psychomagic explores the therapeutic work of director Alejandro Jodorowsky, showing by means of real acts, what Psychomagic is, its principle, how it is practiced, and how it is applied in life. Jodorowsky works directly with real, suffering people who are eager to solve their problems. For Jodorowsky, many of our problems stem from the barriers created by our society, our family, and our culture, all of which prevent us from finding our true selves. Psychomagic helps people break free from these chains. Psychomagic acts have a strong impact on the unconscious. Therefore, they are often striking and highly cinematic. The film goes beyond fiction by filming reality, but a heightened, magical and healing reality. Psychomagic – A healing art is the manifesto film of a great shaman-filmmaker.

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04/04 Basilicata Matera Cinema "Il Piccolo"
18/04 Lazio Roma Cinema Barberini
02/05 Toscana Firenze Cinema Astra
04/05 Toscana Firenze Cinema Astra