By Lesley Chilcott

With Paul Watson

USA | 2019 | 99'

It’s the story of Captain Paul Watson, Canadian activist and environmentalist, founder of Sea Shepherd and co-founder of Greenpeace, a fearless pirate sailing across the ocean defending the marine world. A complex picture of environmentalism, adrenaline-filled and fascinating, which takes us in the depths of the sea, keeping us with bated breath. The ocean manufactures oxygen, regulates Earth’s climate and houses numerous species many that are yet to be discovered, but it has also become a war. “If the ocean dies, we all die. We can’t live on this planet with a dead ocean” says Watson who has repeatedly risked his life and freedom to save the ocean and its inhabitants.

From his early years as a co-founder of Greenpeace to the starting and expansion of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Paul Watson has dedicated his life to fighting for ending the slaughter of the ocean’s wildlife and the destruction of its ecosystems. Watson is part pirate, part philosopher in this provocative film about a man who will stop at nothing to protect what lies beneath.

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