Betty Boop (2012)

thriller | 21 min

Movie Info

  • DIRECTOR Matteo Scifoni
  • SUBJECT Matteo Scifoni
  • SCRIPT Matteo Scifoni
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY Duccio Cimatti
  • PRODUCTION Mescalito Film
  • PRODUCER Giorgio Beltrame, Domenico Trapani Lombardo
  • CAST Andrea Sartoretti, Giorgio Colangeli, Xhilda Lapardhaja, Antonino Iuorio, Alberto Gimignani
  • CATEGORY Short Film
  • GENRE Thriller

Movie Story

“If something can go wrong, it will” as the first law of Murphy says: for Cocchi, a young clerk, being dismissed, is only the prelude to a series of terrible, strange, wild and disturbing misadventures that follow one another seamlessly during the span of a sultry summer day in Rome. After his car breaks down in a desert suburb, he enters the only open place he has found on his way: a strange pub called “Betty Boop”…


2012 Rassegna Buona la prima (Casa del Cinema)

2012 RIFF – Rome Independent Film Festival

2012 Pentedattilo Film Festival

2012 Duhok International Film Festival

2012 Portobello Film Festival

2013 XXI Short Film Festival Indonesia