Bolgia Totale (2014)

Noir | 94 Min

Movie Info

  • DIRECTOR Matteo Scifoni
  • SUBJECT Matteo Scifoni
  • SCRIPT Matteo Scifoni
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY Ferran Paredes
  • PRODUCTION Mescalito Film
  • PRODUCER Giorgio Beltrame, Domenico Trapani Lombardo
  • CAST Giorgio Colangeli, Domenico Diele, Xhilda Lapardhaja, Ivan Franek, Gianmarco Tognazzi, Manuela Mandracchia, Katia Greco
  • CATEGORY Feature film
  • GENRE Noir
  • DISTRIBUTION ASAP Cinema Network
  • RELEASE DATE September 3, 2015

Movie Story

The old inspector Quinto Cruciani (Giorgio Colangeli), now an alcoholic and habitual drug user, has run away from the young psychopathic drug dealer Michele Loi (Sunday Diele), who has just been arrested. To avoid suspension, Chief Inspector Bonanza (Gianmarco Tognazzi) gives him three days to find the fugitive. Thus began a thief’s hunt that showed the dreams and difficulties of the two characters, in a style that winks at that policeman genre that was so much in vogue in the seventies.

Bolgia Totale is a noir in full swing, a genre not very popular in Italian cinema. The lives of a policeman and a criminal run parallel in a showdown. The first, Quinto, is more than just shaped to the canonical model of the hard boiled detective, is much much worst. He is untrustworthy in  work, full of debts with loan sharks, drug addict and alcoholic, his personal life is devastated and he even had a hart attack. Michele is a little better on the whole. His line is caught in the extreme attempt of an impossible escape, with a single light in his burnt life: the love for a beautiful and mute Albanian girl. The events that unfold in a few days of a torrid August in Rome put them face to face. But, instead of guarding and thievery, the two are confronted in their despair.


2014    Annecy Cinema Italien
2014    Festival du Film Italien de Villerupt
2015    Il cinema italiano visto da Milano (Cineteca di Milano)
2015    Gold Elephant World – International Film & Musical Festival
2015    Formia Film Festival
2015    Visioni Alternative (Università Roma Tre)
2015    Mantova Film Festival
2015    Festival delle Cerase
2015    Mostra del Nuovo Cinema Europeo
2016    Sudestival
2016    Cinema nelle Biblioteche
2016    Festival del Cinema Europeo di Lecce
2016    Indipendenti italiani
2016    Gallio Film Festival


Best Italian independent film (Gold Elephant World – International Film & Musical Festival)
Premio speciale (Formia Film Festival)
Finalist at the Mario Verdone Prize (Festival del Cinema Europeo di Lecce)
Nomination Miglior Opera Prima (Ciak d’oro)
Nomination Miglior Opera Prima (Premio Kineo “Diamanti al cinema italiano”)