Stalking Eva (2015)

drama | 94 Min

Movie Info

  • DIRECTOR Joe Verni
  • SUBJECT Joe Verni, Matteo Scarfò
  • SCRIPT Joe Verni, Gabriele Albanesi
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY Dario Germani
  • PRODUCTION Mescalito Film, Extremely Rare
  • PRODUCER Giorgio Beltrame, Joe Verni
  • CAST Ksenia Kapinos, Philippa Bingham, Douglas Dean, Mehdi Mahdloo, Tim Daish, Leonardo Sbragia, Alex Adinolfi, Marcus J. Cotterell, Tatjana Inez Nardone, Elettra Capuano
  • CATEGORY Feature film
  • GENRE Thriller
  • DISTRIBUTION Europictures
  • RELEASE September 24, 2015

Movie Story


Eva, an extraordinarily beautiful girl from the East, has just arrived in Milan to find success as a model.  She immediately comes into contact with a series of characters who are more interested in her body than her talent. After a traumatic event for which Eva will ask her friend Cindy for help, the young woman will find herself entangled in a chain of murders perpetrated in the name of an ancient occult rite, from which she will have to try to escape.

Stalking Eva, directed by Joe Verni, stars the emerging international models Ksenia Kapinos and Philippa Bingham. A thriller that deals with the issue of stalking and, more generally, violence against women; a strong and topical issue that raises questions in this context. What pain threshold can each of us bear? What are the consequences if the victim turns into a executioner?

The prologue shows a flavor that refers in an evident way to the Italian thrillers of the seventies. However, it is not hard to feel a certain influence from the cravenian Scream  (1996) and from Tenebre (1982) by Dario Argento.

After all, even the image of the mantis placed right after the credits recalls the auteur cinema of Deep Red (1975) and Phenomena (1984), although, in general, Stalking Eva tends to immerse itself in a setting and a photographic look close to Carlo Vanzina’s Sotto il vestito niente(1985) and other similar operations belonging to the decade in which Duran Duran and Freddy Krueger depopulated.

This impression is probably due to the fact that the main character Eva, a beautiful girl from the East with the features of Ksenai Kapinos, before coming into contact with despicable characters that are more interested in her body than her talent, arrives in Milan in an attempt to seek success within the world of fashion and stage design, indeed, also of the mentioned film, played by Renee Simonsen, who took over the direction of Steno’s son.

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