Viaggio da paura (2016)

commedia | 108 Min

Movie Info

  • DIRECTOR Alì F. Mostafa
  • SCRIPT Ali F. Mostafa, Mohamed Hefzy, Ronnie Khalil, Ashraf Hamdi
  • CAST Fahad Albutairi, Shadi Alfons, Fadi Rifaai, Madeline Zima, Leem Lubany, Christina Ulsparre
  • PRODUCTION Twofour54, Imagenation Abu Dhabi FZ
  • NATION United Arab Emirates
  • CATEGORY Feature Film
  • GENRE Comedy
  • DISTRIBUTION Cineama, Mescalito Film
  • ITALY RELEASE DATE May 12, 2016

Movie Story

Omar, Ramy and Jay, after years of being apart following Hadi’s death, finally decided to embark on the journey they should have done at the time, from Abu Dhabì to Beirut, to visit his friend’s tomb.
Omar is a personal trainer who is next to being a dad, Jay is a playboy and an aspiring DJ, and Ramy is a blogger and political activist with 737 followers on Twitter! The three must leave secretly. Those from their wives close to childbirth, those from their anxious and oppressive mothers, those from a father-daughter. The three will drive from Abu Dhabi to Beirut through Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria. Sequestered by a group of rebels, they will risk their lives and begin to reconsider their vision of the world. Amidst the hilarious and risky adventures, they will finally arrive in Beirut stronger and more united than before.

Ali F. Mostafa after the success of City of Life, recounts with the style of comedy, the difficulties of human relations and the need to detach the thorn to make clarity in their lives. The enterprising director chooses bold and dynamic chamber movements without fear of exceeding them, persuading the spectator to become passionate and feel part of the story. Amidst funny jokes and exhilarating moments, the adventure on the road shows the shadow of war until it clashes with the reality of young boys. A fresh screenplay, despite the friendly context already seen many times on the big screen, with the awareness that war is really close but human relations are the same all over the world. The conflict that changes cities and people, the way you see life and the quality of time you have at your disposal: it’s no longer on television or in the newspapers but it’s real and hurts, like a slap you’ve received or not knowing if your family was hit in the attacks the day before.

A fresh and life-filled film, a story that not only wants to entertain but also say something more: life is made up of small moments that make it important even if there are many adversities. What counts is not the destination but the time you spend together; that makes the difference.

Dubai Film Festival
Abu Dhabi Film Festival
Cairo Film Festival